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What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an applied therapy which utilizes the assessment of human behavior and learning to teach new skills and reduce problem behaviors.

Most people know that ABA is standard practice for those with an autism diagnosis. However, it has also been prescribed by doctors to treat others with developmental and mental health diagnoses. ABA has been improving lives among these populations for decades. Because of ABA, individuals who were thought to be unteachable have acquired skills to enable them to communicate, care for themselves, and have rewarding social relationships. 

Here at CEGA, we know that ABA can help everyone learn new skills, not just special needs populations. We are dedicated to providing services to typically developing children and adults as well, ethically and effectively.  

The use of ABA is more common than you think. You have probably applied basic principles and didn't even know it! This is what created your learning history. At CEGA, we teach you to apply the principles in ways that will help you meet your goals. Whether it is self-management of eating habits, self-regulation of negative thoughts, or teaching your child effective study skills, we can help. 

That is why we at CEGA so strongly adhere to the science of ABA. Behavior change is possible! Call us today!

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